Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To The Ladies Of The 130th Ohio General Assembly

As you most certainly must know by now, The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a press release on June 7, 2013, opposing undue political interference between doctors and their patients.  This organization of QUALIFIED medical professionals views the political threat to women's health care so seriously that they also have issued a formal Statement of Policy.  You can access their Statement of Policy in pdf format through a hyperlink in their press release (assuming you care enough about other women patients to bother):

In their press release, these obstetricians and gynecologists specifically oppose subjecting patients to unnecessary tests and procedures like ultrasounds for no medical reason.  They reject being forced to recite scientifically disputed -- and even disproven -- scripts as if they were holy writ, for that can only subvert the relationship of trust between them and their patients.  Evidently, doctors don't like being forced to pervert informed consent for base political reasons anymore than any sane patient wants to be betrayed and put at gratuitous risk by statehouse-sponsored lies:

Unfortunately, the 130th General Assembly has been a breeding ground for assinine TRAP bills like Ohio HB 200; bills to pervert informed consent; and even budget amendments to defund Planned Parenthood by rigging the Title X grant approval process as payback for refusing to play political footsie by betraying their patients.  The willful ignorance and the reckless disregard for patients behind these bills couldn't be crasser.

Accordingly, any woman in the 130th General Assembly who supports this ongoing idiocy -- or remains silent in her own caucus lest she be outted as a woman of true conscience -- deserves to take her place next to Gertrud Scholtz-Klink in the annals of history:

Time is short, ladies.  Either speak up as real women asserting EVERY woman's right to consult her doctors without undue political interference or get ready to stand next to Gertie for all time according to the motto that Gertie, Gertie, Gertie was a hack, hack, hack.

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