Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do You Not Know, Have You Not Heard? Questions every young American should contemplate the first/next time she votes:

That the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a press release dated June 7, 2013, opposing undue political interference in the doctor-patient relationship.  They also have issued a formal Statement of Policy:
See also the New England Journal of Medicine article that describes the forms of undue political interference:

That ethical informed consent in medical research is a principle that should carry over into ethical clinical practice untainted by undue political interference:

That ethical informed consent as we know it today is the direct result of the Belmont Report issued in the wake of the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study scandal:

That undue political interference in women's health care already has taken a devastating toll in women's lives both here and abroad:
Consider the case of Danielle DEAVER.

Consider the case of Savita HALAPPANAVAR:

Consider the case of Carolyn JONES:

Consider the case of NATIVE AMERICAN women:

Consider the case of American women serving in "our" military -- especially BEFORE you enlist:

Consider the case of Ann KEENAN and how those who refuse to learn from history have no qualms about forcing others to repeat it:

Consider the plight of millions of women around the globe:

That in this day and age, every woman's access to information, education, and medical services for her reproductive health is not just some extra pork in her state's budget, it is a basic human right:

That many committed Catholics also believe in the right -- and the duty -- of every woman to plan her pregnancies for the sake of her children:

That even with the best state-of-the-art medical testing, things can still go very, very wrong:

That it is incumbent upon every voter to check out the scientific reliability of research cited by politicians to the extent she can:

That TRAP laws have nothing to do with regulating hunting in your state:

That political ends make sacrificing women's ethical health care an expedient means only if women are gullible enough to vote shysters into office:

That not every doctor weighing in on women's health care knows what he is talking about:

So make sure that you consult a doctor who knows what s/he is talking about:

That you also should inform yourself about how religious doctrines enforced by clerics with no medical qualifications whatsoever can affect the quality of health care you will receive at any hospital BEFORE you permit yourself to be admitted:

That, when it comes to financial accountability, Planned Parenthood is NOT the institution on international criminal watchlists for its money laundering practices:

That those opposed to ethical reproductive health care would do better to take care of the children we already have in this country:

That a painful truth in human history is that some women can and do behave just as treacherously toward other women as some men do:

That a hopeful truth in human history is that other women find the courage to speak out and to help eachother:

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