Friday, January 20, 2012

Ohio Legislators Need To Meet That Woman On The COTA Bus

If it were up to me, I would force every single Ohio legislator to ride Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) busses all day at least one day a month.  My intention is not to punish our august legislators but to turn their gazes away from the mirror and turn their attention toward someone other than themselves.

The main COTA bus-stop for southbound riders to transfer to different bus routes is in downtown Columbus -- kittycorner from the Ohio Statehouse.  I would assign them to meet and greet that one woman I have watched board the bus in her wheelchair.  She has had a little girl with her every time I have noticed her.  The child waits for the bus driver to secure the woman's wheelchair into position before climbing into the woman's lap.  You can tell when they have been grocery shopping or to some food bank because plastic bags containing groceries dangle from the wheelchair.

I have no idea whether that woman is the little girl's mother, grandmother, or aunt.  I do think that every Ohio legislator is way past due for a reality check to learn up close and personal how that woman makes it through one day.  Maybe our august legislators would pontificate less about food stamps and the working poor and legislate a little more to help women like her rear that little girl.

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